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Mattress Care Instructions

1. Remove the polythene bag before use to allow the mattress and base to breathe.

2. It is very important to turn your mattress from head to toe regularly to equalise the body impressions. The body impressions are formed because the premium quality filling layers conform to your body contour after some time. These body impression are a normal characteristic of premium bedding and indicate the comfort level is conforming to your body. These are not considered manufacturing defects.

3. Do always use a Slumberland mattress protector on your mattress to prevent stains and soil.

4. Leave your mattress uncover from bed linens for several hours each week. Slumberland mattress has special ventilators to induce movement of fresh air in and out of the mattress freely. Clean air helps to keep the mattress hygienic and dry inside. This will provide you a better and healthy sleep.

5. Do always use a matching Slumberland divan base to give you the correct support and comfort, as this will help your mattress to last longer than other combinations.

6. Make sure all castors and glides are screwed on tightly and checked periodically.

Easy Steps for Turning Your Mattress

Your Non-Flip mattress has a different type of finish on the bottom from the top surface. The bottom finish assists in reducing mattress movement on the spring divan. In an effort to fully maximise the comfort performance of the product, rotate the mattress from head to toe to assist in equalising the body impressions that will occur in a high quality new mattress.