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World’s 1st Temperature-Regulating Mattress with Horse Hair


Hairlok, made purely from natural horse hair and sprayed with natural latex is ideal for distributing pressure over Pocketed Posture Spring without limiting the elasticity point that the springing system provide.

Slumberland TempSmart is now even better with natural horse hair. It’s already famous for its NASA-inspired MicroTemperature Control that maintains optimum body temperature while superb air circulation and unmatched spring counts support you comfortably. Now it’s enhanced with horse hair to regulate body temperature, dissipate moisture and further improve sleeping comfort with superb resilience.

Hairlok Features:
● Perfect micro-temperature regulation
● High resilience superb shock absorbing properties
● Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
● Hypo-allergenic, antimicrobial and dust-mite resistant
● Environmental friendly natural material

Why Horse Hair?
The human skin is not only a closed surface but a breathing layer of our body. Through pores and our body hair, the temperature of our body is kept under control. Natural materials such as horse hair, lambswool and cotton are designed to transport the humidity therefore these material go well with our skin, help to evaporate moisture into the air from our skin surface.

Benefits from Horse Hair:
● Superb air circulation
● Regulate body temperature,
● Dissipate moisture
● Superb resilience.
● Improve sleeping comfort

SPACER Technology – Perfect Air Circulation
TempSmart™ SPACER Technology border acts as a breathing layer, combining pressure relief, thermoregulation and moisture management in one high tech fabric that results in ultimate sleeping comfort.

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