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The Background: From Space to Earth

TempSmart™ adapts the technology which was originally applied by NASA for use in space suits and gloves to protect astronauts from the extreme fluctuation between the bitter cold and scorching heat. Besides the micro temperature control, the new Slumberland TempSmart™ mattress is designed to allow the air to flow in and out of the mattress freely for cool, hygienic and fresher sleep.

The features of TempSmart™ technology

● Balances temperature.
● Feels cool, fresh to touch.
● Absorbs excess heat to limit overheating.
● Releases heat to keep you warm.

Under The Microscope
TempSmart™ microcapsules is applied as a finishing on fabrics or infused into fibres during the manufacturing process of Slumberland TempSmart™ material. The microcapsules are microscopic in size: 1,000s fit on a head of a pin (3 million per cm). Millions of microcapsules absorb excess body heat, store it and release the heat back when needed.

The Laws Of Thermodynamics
The laws of thermodynamics illustrate how and why TempSmart™ technology has to work. Excess body heat is absorbed, “charging up” the cooler TempSmart™ material. Seeking thermal equilibrium, heat is distributed throughout the TempSmart™ material. When the body temperature becomes cooler than the TempSmart™ layer, heat cycles back to the body to maintain thermal equilibrium.

Spacer Technology For Perfect Air Circulation
TempSmart™ SPACER Technology border acts as a breathing layer, combining pressure relief, thermoregulation and moisture management in one high tech fabric that results in ultimate sleeping comfort.

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