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The Slumberland Revolutionary Technology

The Slumberland Revolutionary Technology

An extra layer of glorious support and luxurious comfort

Slumberland TempSmart™ 3.0 mattresses feature the all-new ‘Spring on Spring’ hybrid technology. Combining Luxury Precision Springs with advanced Pocketed Posture Springing system. It’s designed to deliver sleeping comfort and diminish pressure points by providing full body and spinal support. From now on, a glorious night of undisturbed sleeping pleasure awaits you…

An Additional Layer of Luxury Precision Springs

Whenever you wish, relax into a more comfortable sleeping position, without worries. The ‘Luxury Precision Springs’ featured within Slumberland TempSmart™ 3.0 mattress is designed to support the natural frame of your body so well your movement will be barely felt.

As it is, TempSmart™ 3.0 is renowned for its NASA-inspired Micro Temperature Control. Its unmatched spring counts also means sheer comfort and firm support. Now, with the ‘Luxury Precision Springs’ made of high-tensile steel wire, a night of restful, quality sleep is assured.

Luxury Precision Springs Features:

● Specially designed to be sag-resistant
● Highly resilient weight absorber spring
● Adjusts instantly to sleep movements
● Intelligent body support and comfort
● Up to 28% cooler than foam* bed

*Research conducted by Kansas State University and the Institute of Environmental Research shows sleeping on innersprings mattress is 28% cooler in temperature than sleeping on memory foam bed.

Pure Lambswool

Pure lambswool acts as ambient stabilizer in cool and hot weather. Wool absorbs humidity and regulates air moisture naturally, providing a more rested night’s sleep.

Spacer Technology for Perfect Air Circulation

A ‘breathing layer’ is created on the bed’s borders with TempSmart™ Spacer Technology to ensure vital air circulation. It also performs pressure relief, thermoregulation and moisture management in one high tech fabric to deliver unparalleled satisfaction of sleep, every night.

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