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Deep Sleep Comes Easy with LivinGreen™

LivinGreen™ 100% natural latex mattresses feature our unique TecNature Hybrid System™, where the gentle touch of nature meets high-performance spring technology – designed with care to give you the perfect balance of back support and hotel-like comfort for night after night of uninterrupted sleep.

ZoneCare Natural Memory Foam™

A palm oil-based memory foam free from chemicals, harmless event to the most sensitive of skin. Performs better than ordinary memory foam, with high resilience and high density designed to release pressure points on your spine, joints and nerves, moulding to your body contours while providing optimum support.

100% Natural Latex

LivinGreen™’s all natural latex balances comfort with proper spine support. Good air circulation minimises moisture and heat build-up, allowing the mattress to stay fresh and dry. It’s also hypoallergic to prevent allergies and skin irritation.

Quadroflex Hybrid Springs™

The Quadroflex Hybrid Springs™ system consists of 4-ply pocketed spring rows alternated with Comfort Plush pocketed springs rows- a unique fusion designed to provide the proper support levels required for each body zone, including extra firmness for your back.

Organic Cotton Fabric

The soft organic cotton used in all LivinGreen™ mattresses are grown without the use of pesticides or fertiliser, making it free from harmless substances as certified by OEKO-TEX(R) Standard 100. And is naturally soft to the touch for absolute comfort.

Pure Lambswool

Pure Lambswool works as a natural temperature regulator, providing optimum sleep comfort in different climate conditions. Pure lambswool absorbs humidity and air moisture for better, most restful sleep.

Ventilation Case

The Ventilation Case maintains sturdiness across the entire mattress while holding its structure in shape, allowing you to enjoy the same levels of support and comfort on whichever part of the surface you lie on. Air holes let the foam breathe to prevent build-up of heat and moisture.

Over the years, Slumberland is committed to develop new products that enable customers to enjoy better, healthier sleep. With its breakthrough technology and relentless drive for quality, the brand is today the market leader in the premium bedding products.

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