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It Takes 80 Years to Make the Finest Beds

Using the advanced Posture Springing® and the state-of-the-art Pocketed Posture Springing System®, today, Slumberland beds are widely recognised as the world leader in their own field with unmatched sleeping comfort, support and durability.

We at Slumberland, believe firmly that the hallmark of success is how well we meet the needs of our customer, We are dedicated therefore, to understand our customer’s requirement and utilizing our manufacturing and research experience creatively to satisfy those needs.

Combining up-to-the-minute technology, traditional bed making craftsmanship and excellent customer service kept Slumberland at the forefront of bed manufacturing well into the future.

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TempSmart™ Series

TempSmart 3.0 1200 Deluxe

TempSmart 3.0 1600

Royal Series

Crown Jewel

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SlumberKIDS Series

Multi Option II (5 in 1) Bedset

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NeckCare Deluxe

NeckCare Pillow

NeckCare Posturepillo

TempSmart Pillow